Fresh Start Rotary Club - let's answer some questions!

10 hours 33 minutes ago (8.December.2017 - 09:55 CET) by alessandra at Fresh Start Rotary Club, Shanghai at Fresh Start Rotary Club, Shanghai

Every Friday morning, a group of social entrepreneurs, mission-driven business leaders and other socially-minded people, get up early and meet to share experiences, thoughts and new ideas to make the world a better place. It's the Fresh Start Rotary Club.
Last week, we had the chance to be speakers at their morning session!

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Fifty-five days, five countries and five alphabets

1 week 2 days ago (29.November.2017 - 06:42 CET) by alessandra

ABC on a street sign

ABC on a street sign

A few days ago, we reached Gansu province, China, and we were struck by the beauty of yet another alphabet that was unfolding in front of us. was born from our love for letters and typography, so we thought we should share some thoughts around this “beauty” we saw.

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Our Mongolian experience in a snapshot

3 weeks ago (14.November.2017 - 04:18 CET) by alessandra

Mongolia flag with assessment criteria

Mongolia flag with assessment criteria

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote that it was not easy to put our Transsiberian experience in writing and make a summary of it. Well, it's even less easy to summarise our Transmongolian one! Very dense, very much changing every day. From a Ger to an apartment on the highest floor in the middle of Ulan Bataar. From chaotic Ulan Bataar to silent Sainshand. From a cafeteria where you can only get rice after they pour huge quantities of a meaty sauce on it, to the BEST vegan food we had on our trip so far at Luna Blanca!

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Our Russian Experience in a Snapshot

1 month ago (2.November.2017 - 13:09 CET) by alessandra

Experience Assessment on Russian flag

Experience Assessment on Russian flag

When travelling, it's good to observe, read, experience, absorb. As it's also good to stop and think back. It's not easy to put the first third of our trip in writing. But we liked the idea of making an assessment of our time in Russia. We used the same the criteria we had used to assess the 21-day’s Bootcamp we attended in August. Keep reading to see the result!

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Small matters. And if it's tiny and it’s for housing, it matters more!

1 month ago (26.October.2017 - 17:06 CEST) by alessandra + Tiny Houses University + Tiny Houses University

Have you ever dreamt of living like a turtle? We have! Try to imagine it - no need to hunt for a flat, your house is already on your back. No need to pack your stuff when moving out, your stuff moves with you. No need to rent your place when being away for a long time or for good, your place comes with you. Wouldn't it great?! You don't need to be a nomad to agree. It's enough to have experienced some home-hunting when you went to study in a new town. Or when you relocated to follow family, a new job or your inspiration :-)

Well, a solution to live like a turtle while remaining human exists. It's called ‘tiny house’. Read more to know what it is about!

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Urban innovation for socially smart cities

1 month ago (25.October.2017 - 17:56 CEST) by alessandra

Eye building

Eye building

Urban innovation is one of the 3 areas we are exploring, along with ‘radical food’ and ‘sport for transport’.

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Vegan travelling, travelling vegans

1 month ago (16.October.2017 - 20:30 CEST) by alessandra

Vegan treats Ekaterinburg

Vegan treats Ekaterinburg

On World Food Day, we thought we should put in writing something that we are often asked and we often ask each other. Why are we vegan (including when travelling)?!

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Up for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

2 months ago (5.October.2017 - 09:39 CEST) by alessandra

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Our blog has been nominated by Less-Stuff for the Sunshine Blogger Award. What is better than an award to celebrate good sunny vibes and positive blogging?

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Happy World Tourism Day!

2 months ago (27.September.2017 - 22:54 CEST) by alessandra

backpack & Atlantic watch

backpack & Atlantic watch

Summary: 27th September is World Tourism Day. A day to celebrate travelling. To celebrate the right to get some time off and to explore, and the right to welcome and to show.

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The Business Activist Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

2 months ago (22.September.2017 - 00:12 CEST) by alessandra

Our brilliant graphics...

Our brilliant graphics...

In August 2017, we had the opportunity to take part in a 21-day online bootcamp that was all about launching a new mission-driven business with a triple bottom line. Here’s what we retain.

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