Happy World Tourism Day!

Why we do what we do and how we do it
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ABCity.org is a nomadic programme. ‘It’s a project and it’s a trip’. We believe that we do not need to be statically in one single place if we want to make local impact. We can do this by travelling, connecting and using diversity as a source of inspiration.

On World Tourism Day, we think that our travelling attitude is something to celebrate!

We also think that it is a great opportunity to share our thoughts around tourism, especially knowing that this year’s focus for this special day is on sustainable tourism and how it can contribute to development. Or to social impact.


1/ Why do we think that travelling is important?

The very first, easy answer is through Omar Khayyam’s words:

"Life is but a journey, to travel is to live twice".

Life is about learning, giving, receiving, exploring, missing and getting opportunities. And so is travelling in an amplified yet condensed way.


2/ Why do we think that tourism can help development and contribute to social impact?

Economic answer: because it creates jobs and represents 10% of gross domestic product worldwide (UN data). And because taking time off helps productivity and increases creativity.

Cultural answer: because it builds bridges, it facilitates exchanges, it reduces distances, it helps deconstructing prejudices and fixed ideas. It shows that things can be done differently in different places; that history, geography and human experience lead to a variety of results… and that’s ok!

Ethical answer: we don’t actually think that any tourism help development and social impact. We need tourism with a purpose… in the same way as we need businesses with a purpose.  


3/ What do we mean by ‘tourism with a purpose’?

We mean travelling in order not to consume but to enrich - your mind, your spirit, your body, the place you visit, the people you meet.

We mean doing good when travelling and we mean GOOD travelling. Similarly to what our friends at GOOD travel social enterprise promote.


If you want to know more about our way to GOOD travelling, watch this space.

In the meantime… we’d love to hear your thoughts on World Tourism Day! Do get in touch :)