We love our partners! Thank you :)

Experience Fellow

And more partners are welcome. Would you like to be one of them? We'll be delighted to hear from you!


who / social enterprises, ventures and impactful initiatives

We are looking for social enterprises that will join the programme and host us during our trip – if you feel like you want to be one or if you know of any other, get in touch @ or on Facebook.

In particular, looking for SocEnt who:

- Are either for-profit or non-profit
- Are founded and/or managed by women and men under 35
- Have existed for at least 2 years
- Work on/through:

  1. Food – healthy, affordable food that is good for people and planet (e.g. local, organic, seasonal, plant based diet)
  2. Urban innovation – this can vary from innovative ways to access water, to recycling/reusing product, housing, access to renewable sources of energy, etc.
  3. Sport – movement sports such as cycling, skating, swimming, walking/hiking, canoeing


Why should you partner with us?

To stop and reflect on your creative and design processes, and learn from this.
To innovate your creative and design processes.
To access an international network of social impact-focussed agencies.
To meet 2 curious travellers, keen to explore, learn and share :)

Are you ready to join?


who/ the supporting partners

We are looking for financial, technical and media partners that will support our (ad)venture.
We are also looking for mentors (people experts in design and/or social impact who would be keen to support social enterprises in Asia). 
Different options are envisageable, so why don't you get in touch? @ or on Facebook.

Why would you partner with us?

To take part in, and tell, stories of innovation and organisational development.
To invest in innovation and social impact, and contribute to make the world a better place.
To increase their contacts with Asia–based social enterprises.
To collaborate with 2 passionate designers :)

Are you ready to help?